Corrugated Carton Box Maker Electroplating Machine in Pakistan

In 1996 we started with Electroplating process & in 1999 we installed new unit for Packing in 2007 we started to import the Machines for our unit & for sale and start Exporting Rice Mangoes and Oranges in Different parts of world.

Now we are doing all business under the Umbrella of Sumair Groups.Manufacturers of corrugated large cartons such as Refrigerator & Deep freezers.

  • Quality Controlled Electroplating process.
  • Latest metalizing unit & high quality results in various shades.
  • Importing high standard packing machines for sale & after sale service and maintenance.  
  • Manufacturing Rotary Dies using in Rotary Die Cutting Machines.
  • Exporting Rice, Mangoes, Oranges to Middle east & South Africa .
  • Exporing Agriculture Implements and machinery in Middle East and Africa
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